April 24, 2024
Photo by https://twitter.com/sssniperwolf

SSSniperwolf is a well-known internet personality for her video game streaming videos on YouTube and Twitch, but the streamer – whose real name is Alia “Lia” Shelesh – didn’t just stick with gaming for the views and online fame. There’s no doubt that SSSniperwolf has become incredibly successful because of her love of video games, and she explained that she’s taken a genuine delight in them since her youth.

SSSniperwolf is ethnically Greek and Turkish, as she shared in a Facebook post after some commenters believed she was of Iraqi descent. In an interview with TubeFilter, she also stated about her and her siblings’ upbringing, “Since my parents were super strict, we were not allowed to go over to our friends’ houses, parties, school dances, or even on field trips.”

This rigidity may have affected SSSniperwolf’s relationships with peers, but it led to an interest in what would eventually become her career.